9:00-9:15Welcome remarks
Session 1: Bugs & hosts
9:15-9:55Keynote: Roy Kishony (Technion)
"Predicting antibiotic resistance"
9:55-10:15Sarit Avrani (Haifa Univ)
"Micro and macro diversity are both important to bloom-forming cyanobacteria interactions with their phages"
10:15-10:35Tomer Hertz (Ben Gurion Univ)
"Modular cytokine analysis reveals co-signaling cytokines during influenza infection"
Coffee break
Session 2: The life of RNA
11:00-11:40Keynote: Yael Mandel-Gutfreund (Technion)
"Co-regulation and moonlighting in the human gene expression pathway"
11:40-12:00Schragi Schwartz (Weizmann Inst)
"Cracking the epitranscriptome"
12:00-12:20Rani Elkon (Tel Aviv Univ)
"Identification of regulatory elements that mediate tumor-suppressive and oncogenic functions using CRISPR-based genomic screens"
12:20-12:40Tomer Kalisky (Bar Ilan Univ)
"Cellular heterogeneity and splice isoform switching in kidney development"
12:40-13:00Alal Eran (Ben Gurion Univ)
"Characterizing the fever effect in autism spectrum disorder"
Lunch & poster session
Session 3: Outside the academic box
14:30-14:45Noa Matarasso (Psifas)
"Israel's national initiative for personalized medicine"
14:45-15:00Yair Benita (CytoReason)
"Driving drug development through a cell centered model of immunity"
15:00-15:15Chanan Rubin (Evogene)
"Discovery of novel essential plant genes for innovative herbicide development"
Session 4: DNA->RNA->Protein->Precision Med
15:15-15:35Noam Kaplan (Technion)
"Probabilistic models of the 3D genome"
15:35-15:55Yuval Tabach (Hebrew Univ)
"Novel players in the homologues recombination repair pathway revealed through local and global co-evolution analysis across hundreds of genomes"
15:55-16:15Dina Schneidman (Hebrew Univ)
"Modeling protein conformational changes with cross-links and SAXS profiles"
Coffee break
16:40-17:20International keynote: Bonnie Berger (MIT)
"Compressive and privacy-preserving genomics"
17:20-17:30Poster prizes & concluding remarks